Cultural Heritage


Our office undertakes to prepare designs for:
  1. Trigonometric-Leveling Networks-Installation Measurement
  2. Polygonometry – Tachymetry
  3. Topographic Surveys
  4. Cadastral Surveys
  5. Implementation Acts – Town Plans
  6. Surveying of Infrastructures
  7. Surveying of Engineering Structures
  8. Laying out of Engineering Structures
  9. Displacement Monitoring and Control Networks
  10. Determinations – Measurements of Ground Control Points
  11. Property contracts & land deed verifications
  12. Private Urban Planning
  13. Publication of building permits
  14. Determination of lines of seashore and beach
  15. Characterization from the office of Forest and Archeological management
  16. Marking plots of land on the ground
  17. Mapping out urban building lines
  18. Boundary marking on the ground of building foundations
  19. Separation – Segmentation of Properties in smaller parts. Parallel study of road construction combined with the segmentation of properties
  20. Architectural surveying: Ground plans, aspects of buildings and other constructions. Depiction/ Interpretation of digital models of the ground