Green Energy Infrastructure Inspection Services

Artemis Tech ENG is a lead company in the Solar inspection market providing a holistic type service using Aerial Thermography and Data Fusion Logic. We have a extensive portfolio with more than 400 MwH’s we inspect so far.


Τhis type of service dramatically reduces the time it takes to identify problems in the park and can identify at least 90% of the park’s pathologies that cause reduced energy efficiency, reducing investors’ profits. With the comprehensive report we deliver, the investor has at the end a neutral and unaffected quality control process that shows him whether and to what extent his park is operating at its maximum.

We have adopted the technologies in order to give our clients a holistic state of the art service

The categorization of problems by criticality is a part of Artemis TechEng approach to holistic inspection services. By identifying and categorizing issues based on their level of criticality, our company is able to prioritize repairs and maintenance based on their potential impact on the plant’s overall performance and efficiency.

In addition to categorization by criticality, we also categorize issues based on their type. This allows for a more detailed analysis of the types of issues that may be present in the PV power plant infrastructure, such as issues with PV panels, mounting systems, inverters, transformers, or electrical components.


Artemis Tech ENG holistic inspection services also provide an exact geolocation of the problems detected during the inspection process. This information is critical for maintenance and repair crews, who can use the geolocation data to quickly and efficiently address the identified issues.

Finally, Last but not least we are able to compute the loss of energy by using a stochastic model which is an important tool for understanding the potential impact of the identified issues on the plant’s overall performance.

With all this complete information that we provide in a very short period of time the owner investor of the PV park  has the following benefits

a) an internal independent quality control process that is not involved in the marketing of materials and accessories of solar parks
b) a Technical tool which is offered to the maintenance stuff quickly and directly targeting the problematic panels and the problematic strings according to the criticality.


Artemis TechENG inspection services for windmill parks take comprehensive and data-driven approach to identifying and analyzing potential issues. By using advanced technologies such as high zoom optical cameras and high-resolution thermal imaging, we are able to provide our clients with a highly accurate and detailed assessment of the windmill park infrastructure.

One of the key services our company provides, is the inspection of turbine blades and rotor blades using high zoom optical cameras. This process involves capturing high-resolution images of the blades using specialized cameras, which can then be analyzed to detect potential issues such as cracks or other forms of damages. By identifying these issues early on, we ensure that the blades continue to function effectively, maximizing their energy output and lifespan.

Your company also provides inspection services for wind turbine towers using high-resolution optical cameras and high-resolution thermal imaging. This process involves capturing detailed images of the towers and analyzing them to detect potential issues with the tower structure, such as corrosion or other forms of damage. Additionally, high-resolution thermal imaging can be used to identify potential hotspots, which can indicate issues with the tower’s electrical components.

In addition to the blades and tower, your company’s use of advanced technologies and techniques allows for a highly accurate and comprehensive assessment of the windmill park infrastructure. This approach provides a detailed analysis of the issues categorized by criticality, type of problem, exact geolocation of the problem, and an estimation of the loss of energy using a stochastic model.

Overall, your company’s inspection services for windmill parks, which include inspection of turbine blades, rotor blades, and towers using high zoom optical cameras and high-resolution thermal imaging, provide a comprehensive assessment of the windmill park infrastructure. By identifying and categorizing issues based on their criticality and type, providing an exact geolocation of the issues, and estimating the loss of energy using a stochastic model, your company helps to ensure the continued safe and effective operation of windmill parks, maximizing their energy output and lifespan.